Monday, April 2, 2012

Ideas Welcome, Inspiration on Backorder...

Lately there hasn't been much going on in my kitchen.  I haven't been all that busy, I really have no excuses.  One thing I will say is that I haven't made anything truly inspired lately.  I know with the warmer weather I want to be outside more but food has always been a welcome end no matter how hectic the day has been.

Kitchititipi, Upper Peninsula, MI.  (A pretty picture to distract me from not knowing what to cook. :P)

Lately, food and I have been at odds.

I've more or less run out of ideas that really drive me into the kitchen with an urge to create and be creative.  I lack motivation to make things I've already made and lately we've eaten a lot of bagels (home- baked of course).  I'm in some kind of weird cooking rut and all attempts to get out on my own have seen only very temporary success.  I think it's time for reinforcements.

Thats where you, my faithful readers, come in.

I want you to share all your ideas with me, no matter how crazy they are! What is something that you want converted to be vegan? What do you crave lately?

No matter how crazy the flavor combinations I will consider even the oddest suggestions.  After all I did recently make Jalapeno- Pineapple bagels with a crunch chili pepper crust.

What do you want to see here? What should I make? What have you made recently? Share!