Sunday, March 20, 2011


After having tasted Limoncello I knew I had to make it myself, without the awful overly refined cane sugar.  I chose to use organic lemons (got them on sale), and filtered honey (although I'm sure you could use raw honey). You don't need to use expensive vodka, one step above the cheapest brand will do.  Peeling the lemons was a bit tedious because you really want as little of the pith (white part) as possible, but it took me less than 30 minutes to peel 10 lemons so I can't complain.

1 bottle (750ml) Vodka
10 lemons (I used organic)
1 C. Honey
3.5 oz Water

1. Wash lemons thoroughly, pat dry.  Zest lemons, you want the yellow part of the skin, and as little of the white pith underneath as possible (the pith makes it bitter). Put lemon zest into a seal-able container (preferably glass, I used a half gallon mason jar although it was only filled about halfway at the end).

2. Add vodka, honey, and water to the lemon zest.  Seal the container tightly and shake the mixture until the honey is completely dissolved. Allow to infuse in a cool, dark place for 30-40 days.  Shake mixture once a day for the first 4-5 days. Strain mixture, chill the liquid slightly and enjoy!

Notes: If the end product is not sweet enough for you, feel free to add more honey.

Close up of the lemon rinds in the Jar


  1. I don't eat honey. Is agave a good alternative?

  2. Agave may impart some of it's flavor into the finished product. I recommend you first. I have only used honey but I have friends that have had great success with vegan evaporated cane juice. Let me know how yours turns out!

  3. *test first.
    Also sucanat might be another .