Saturday, June 18, 2011

Easiest Ever Ice Cream!

So last week was what they call "Restaurant Week" which is where several restaurants participate in offering deals for lunch and dinner (sometimes both!).  Sometimes they have special menu's they prepare and it's always a great way to try out new foods, and lots of them!

So that is my excuse for having not cooked in a week.  I did however decide to make some of this ridiculously easy ice cream which tastes delicious. It's a little bit like the consistency of frozen yogurt, but in my opinion it tastes better.

Photo taken by kitchen partner Dan :)
Ice Cream

Very ripe bananas, cut into 1/4" slices

Optional Flavorings
Vanilla Extract
Lacuma (gives it a caramel like flavor)
Any other kinds of fruit (my favorite is mixing in blueberries at the end)
Cocoa Powder
Peanut butter

1. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper.  Spread out banana slices.  Add another piece of wax paper on top if you need room for more slices.

2. Cover with plastic wrap.  Freeze a few hours or overnight.

3. Blend 1-2 cups of frozen banana slices at a time in a blender.  Note: The more powerful the blender the more banana slices you can add at once but be conservative at first! Use a spatula to scrap down the sides and pulse the banana until creamy.

When it comes to adding flavors its better to add too little and have to add more than to add too much at once.  If you are using a flavoring like cocoa powder (I have some that is raw) you may need to add some agave nectar or other sweetener.  You can eat this plain, which is what I do, or mix in some fresh fruit for some extra pockets of flavor.  Contrary to what you would think this is not overpoweringly banana flavored. I like adding some homemade vanilla to mine and maybe a crack of sea salt. :)

Once frozen the bananas can be transferred to a zip lock bag and kept in the freezer for quite a long time if need be.  Some times I have this "ice cream" in the morning instead of my normal breakfast smoothie. 

I apologize for there being no end picture.  I will try my best to remedy that soon! I just wanted everyone to be able to enjoy this recipe while the weather holds!


  1. Love that this ice cream is healthy, and could be eaten for breakfast :)!

  2. OK. In the midst of hot and humid weather in Massachusetts. Must try this!! Thanks for posting this idea!

  3. Definitely makes an awesome breakfast!

  4. that sounds delicious and all. but its not anywhere close to something that could be called ice cream, that's a sorbet with added flavoring