Friday, October 7, 2011

Our First Pineapple Baby!- Michigan Pineapple

We are pleased to announce that after 4 years of nurturing we have grown our first pineapple! It's hard to believe that only four years ago I planted the cut off top of a pineapple from the store and now it's made a pineapple of it's own! 

For the record it was delicious and juicy but we only got about a 1/2 cup of pineapple.  It was well worth the wait though and we are excited to see what the plant does next!

In other news today is my 6 year anniversary! My significant other, Dan, is an important part of what motivates me to write this blog and is also the one who suggested we become vegan almost 3 years ago.  Without him I have no idea where I would be but I can't imagine I would be as happy as I am now! 

Fayette, MI
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                                      - Aristotle


  1. Awwww. Happy anniversary! How sweet to celebrate with one tiny perfect pineapple, which by the way, is totally beautiful and awesome.

  2. Happy Vegan-versary! I can't believe you grew a pineapple, that's awesome! Home grown food always tastes better. :)

  3. omgosh that pinapple is SO cute! i have a plant as well, but only got it in dirt this year so probably no pineapples anytime soon ;D that is really exciting though! happy anniversary :)

  4. Awww cute baby pineapple alert! I have tried to grow the top off a pineapple a couple of times, it all starts off really well, new shoots grow and all that then it just dies on me. I think I may have been a tad over zealous with the're the second person I know of who's pineapple plant has recently had a baby.
    You must be so proud.

  5. Congratulations! Times 2, as that pineapple deserves congratulations as well :)

  6. Thanks so much guys! We had a wonderful and relaxing day and ate lots of vegan foods!

    Jenni:Get a moisture meter.That is what helped me keep my plant super happy. Also I fertilize once a year with used coffee grounds. I call our plant my "Moody teenager" because it gives no outward signs of what's going on! :P Hope that helps!