Monday, October 3, 2011

Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Happy Vegan MOFO everyone!

Now that fall is in full swing I'm totally into pumpkin, squash, and soup; preferably all together! This soup is one of my favorites and is frequently requested by dinner guests.  I make it several times during the fall and winter and the flavors never get old.  Don't be fooled though! This soup uses easy to find ingredients, is pretty quick to make,  and is in no way rocket science!

Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup
16 C. Water
1 medium onion, very small dice
6 Boullion Cubes (I use Rapunzel brand, no salt added)
1 can coconut milk
1 T. Fresh Ginger, minced
1 Package Soft Tofu, cubed
1 Large Butternut squash, peeled and cut in bite size pieces (about 3 cups)
3 Large Sweet Potatoes, peeled and cut in bite size pieces (about 3 cups)
3 T. Soy Sauce
1 T. Salt
1/2 T. Pepper
1 t. Ground Cumin
1 T. Parsley
1 t. Dill
1 t. Basil
3 cloves of garlic, minced
Juice of one large lemon
1 t. Tumeric
1 t. Chili Powder
3-4 Generous handfuls of baby spinach, washed

Optional: (add at the end)
1-2 t. Thai Chili Sauce, or 1/2 t. Dried Chili Flakes, or 1-2 Fresh Red Chilies Sliced
2 t. Agave (add to level out the spice if needed)
Juice of 1-2 Limes (if you like extra citrus flavor)

1. In a large stockpot saute the garlic and the onions in olive oil until the onions are translucent and the garlic lightly golden.
2. Add the water and the bouillon cubes.  While the bullion cubes are disintegrating in the water cut the squash and the potatoes and add them to the stock pot.  Bring to a boil and after 7-8 minutes check on the potatoes and squash.  When they are cooked reduce the heat to low and add all of the other ingredients except the tofu and the spinach.
3. Shortly before you want to serve the soup add the tofu cubes and allow them to warm through.  Add the spinach and stir.  Allow the spinach to wilt.  Serve immediately.  Enjoy!

Notes: This soup makes excellent leftovers and is good with or without bread. The spinach doesn't get weird even after a few days. This soup can also be frozen (without the spinach and tofu).  Experiment with the spices and don't be shy about trying more or less of the flavors you like!  This soup is about bold flavors, so don't be shy!

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