Monday, October 10, 2011

Kitchen Review- The Blend- Tec

Even though I am super busy with Vegan MOFO (day 10!) I've had time to reflect a lot lately.  Maybe its the fact that my kitchen needs constant cleaning because I've been cooking every day or maybe its the never ending pile of dishes.  I'm not sure.  What I am sure about is that I couldn't do alot of what I do in the kitchen without my Blend-Tec.

I've owned alot of hand-me-down blenders in my day.  Most of them were freebies, all of them broke within a year and never worked well at all.  At one point I was a raw vegan (no cooked food or animal products) and a blender was a vital kitchen appliance.  Even though Im back to just being vegan now I still use this blender almost daily.  Let me give you some examples:

I made all those things and more with a blender.  Now on to other important matters.  I would say some pro's of this blender is that it will blend everything you may ever need to blend while cooking and it will do an amazing job at it. It's also really easy to clean and easy to use a spatula in order to scrape out whatever it is you blended.  The wider base makes it more effective at blending thicker things like filling for a cheesecake (its the only way I make cheesecake filling now because its so fast!), or nut butters.  I've blended ice, and even frozen bananas (for my ice cream) with ease.  I have yet to be disappointed with this blenders performance.  The biggest thing for me is that the base is really easy to clean, just wipe down with a sponge or paper towel.  It has a digital screen and flat buttons that make it a breeze to clean up.

I would say the only real con to this blender is the noise.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen a blender this powerful that wasn't noisy.  Some claim the Vitamix brand is less noisy but I call b.s. on that.  All I can say is that I'm so happy with how well it works that I can forgive the noise.  It's so nice to have smoothies without berry seeds in them (the blender grinds them up) or random chunks of ice.  I can even make a quick soup in minutes.  The convenience of this appliance is a huge benefit.

Well enough about the blender.  If you're in the market you would love the Blend Tec, worth every penny.  Now I have to get back in the kitchen and clean because tonight we are getting started on making hard cider! I'll post all about it tomorrow!

One final thought: What do you use your blender for? I'm looking for new ideas!


  1. I have a Vitamix while my parents have a Blendtec - and the Blendtec is much louder. But who cares about the noise when you have a blender than can blend anything, right?

  2. That vanilla chai pear butter looks great! I have a Vitamix and mine is loud but I've never heard the Blentec so I can't say which is louder. I do love my vity though

  3. Having a blender that can blend everything is great! It's so great in fact that I don't mind how loud it is. And I think Vitamix users and Blend- Tec users are equally happy which is great!

  4. I have wanted to invest in one of the more expensive blenders (Blendtec/Vitamix) and I know they're worth it because they can do anything!

  5. that blender sounds great! i have a ninja right now, and yeah i hear you on the berry seeds and chunks of ice left behind lol. maybe i'll look into the blendtec next :)

  6. I think that the Blend Tec and the Vitamix are both worth the investment!I'm grateful that I finally have a good blender :)