Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Raw Vegan Food Gallery

Once upon a time not too long ago my partner, Dan, and I were raw vegans.  Being a raw vegan is alot like being vegan with the addition of not eating anything heated above 118 degrees (the exact temperature is under some dispute).  We were raw vegans for about six months and it was probably the best thing we ever did.  Even though we went back to eating cooked food we had an entirely new outlook on what we put into our bodies and what ingredients we used in food.

Peaches from a neighbors tree

Raspberries are a staple food in my house!
Raw Banana Creme Pie
Breakfast Salad from Vegan Brunch
Mini Flax Pizza Bites
Walnut- Garlic Soup from Ani Phyo
Pesto and Carmelized Onion Pizza
Close up of the Pizza (those onions are so addictive!)
So obviously I have made all these things and they are delicious! Some do require a dehydrator (like the pizza) and most of them take some forethought to start the day before but they are all worth it.  If you are curious about raw food I suggest you check out Ani Phyo's website.  I'm not crazy about all her recipes but there are definitely a lot of gems in her Raw Food Essentials cookbook.  Of course you will like some of her recipes more than others depending on your tastes but I would say that she offers alot in that cookbook for the price.  I still use raw recipes when I entertain because they can either be made in advance or are quick and easy because there is no cooking involved.  It's also nice to have a fresh component when serving a cooked meal.

I'll try and find that banana creme pie recipe.  It's really amazing!

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  1. These raw dishes look delicious! It has been on my to-do list to try and add more raw dishes into meal planning. Raw food makes me feel so good! :-)